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Family reunion with my shepherd and their pups.     DOG TRAINING 
Best Paw Forward was founded by Valerie Masi, a Certified Trainer & Behaviorist 28 years ago in Santa Cruz, California.
After visiting the desert for years, Valerie decided to move her company out to the Coachella Valley in 2003.
Valerie feels that 90% of behavior problems are due to miscommunication between owner/guardian and the dog. "teaching owner/guardians to read a dogs body language as well as showing them how to communicate back with their body language is a big part of the training". Valerie's certifications makes her a unique trainer here in the desert, understanding dog behavior and knowing all training techniques gives her the tools to custom fit training and behavior modification to fit the individual dog.  Valerie has earned a Master Trainer Certificate (National K-9 School Of Dog Training), Behavior, Training & Management Certificate (Moorpark College) and a Canine Good Citizen  Evaluator Certificate (AKC).  
Valerie offers individual consultation and custom training for you and your pet. Using advanced leadership skills, Valerie is able to maintain a calm, safe environment for optimal training results. Your pet will be excited to learn and you will feel in control of your surroundings again.
Since training can be stressful for the pet and owner/guardian, Valerie will teach the owner/guardian how to communicate, think and train their dog in a stress free atmosphere on their own. Valerie will also give the owner/guardian the tools and confidence to handle new problems may they arise and how to deal with them.
Training Services Include:
  • Puppy & Adult Classes
  • Private Sessions At your Home
  • Basic & Advanced Obedience
  • Potty & Crate Training
  • Behavior Problem Solving
  • Aggression and Fear Aggression Problems
  • Dog Aggression
  • Submissive Peeing, Fearfulness and Shyness
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification
  • Consultations
Boarding Training Services Include:
  • Basic & Advanced Obedience
  • Potty Training
  • Shy & Fearful Behavior
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